Amplitude Xtra

Amplitude Xtra 3.0

Amplitude Xtra software program is a tool for sound technicians and students to fine tune sounds ad vocals

The Amplitude Xtra software program allows Director movies to respond in real time to the amplitude data that is derived from sound cast members.

The application sends amplitude values to Director while the sound is being played. With this capability you can control various sprite animations and properties by synchronizing them to sound waveforms.

The user can draw sound waveforms using normal Director sprites in real time at any resolution. The Amplitude Xtra software program can also achieve lip-sync between animated characters and spoken dialogues.

Changing inks and blending properties in time with sound and music is another subtle yet vital ability and changing sprite colors based on amplitude intensity is effortless with the Amplitude Xtra program.

It is important to note that it is not intended as a replacement for cue points in Director sound cast members. The Amplitude Xtra, is compatible with Shockwave works with internal sound cast members (including SWA and MP3).